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Google Places SEO – How to Properly Geo Tag Your Images

by Andy on

Geo-tagging of photos for your Google places optimization and Google places SEO strategies has become an essential part of our places seo geo-tag-images

It still amazes me that when I checked clients Google places listings that virtually every single one has poorly optimized campaigns in every way and certainly the photos in just about every case have no Geo-tagging or anything like that.

I hear a lot of talk about how competitive the Google places SEO arena is becoming with so many more local Internet marketers being aware of what it takes to properly optimize a Google places campaign and get better rankings, however I constantly see massive amounts of opportunity everywhere to dominate in the local search landscape.

Today on the show you a simple and free software program that allows us to properly tag our photos with Geo-location information and important metadata that is exactly what Google is looking for.

Watch this short video where I show you exactly how to apply this Geo-tagging information to your photos.

Also please take a moment to add some comments below and feel free to ask any questions on the topic as I will be answering these over the next couple of days.


Here are the things that we have found to be most important for your Google places SEO factors.

1. Make sure before you upload your photos to add your primary keywords to name the photo.
2. Add the location data to the photo as described in the video above.
3. Include your keyword data in the information about your photo as I show in the video, making sure that you don’t over do it.
4. Here is the link to Download Geosetter.

As with all of your local search campaigns and Google places SEO strategies, you need to make sure that your covering every base and then some.

With all the testing we’ve been doing recently is no doubt that some Google places SEO factors influence Google’s algorithm and ranking more than others and this is what I’ll be discussing over the next few weeks to show you how to apply these most important Google places optimization strategies.

Hope you get some good information out of this and go on applied to your Google places campaigns today.

Don’t forget to add some comments below and ask any questions you may have in mind so I can answer them for you.

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Co-Founder at Local Oxygen
Andy Kelly is the Co-Owner of the worlds leading Local internet Marketing Software for Offline Marketing Agencies and Local Businesses. Andy is one of the real Pioneers of Local Offline Marketing for over 15 years working thousands of companies from Dental Practices to Fortune 500 Companies, and training hundreds of Local Marketers.

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Diana April 7, 2012 at

Great information, Andy!
What would you suggest we do with images already added to Google Places? Should they be modified and re-uploaded?


Tony Denson | Dynamic Custom Fan Pages April 7, 2012 at

Thank you for this excellent tool In your book you call it a little tool; but it can save me so much time in navigating tabs to capture the metadata information.

I had made a commitment to day to have a local business on front page in 2 weeks Geosetter will give the GP more meat Thank you very much

Nigel Reed April 7, 2012 at

Thanks for interesting post. However there are a number of ways to add photos to Google Places. Can you show/tell which way you use to ensure that the GEO information is included in the Google Places Page?

ROB April 7, 2012 at

Thanks, Andy.

Great stuff. I appreciate your help on things like this.

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