Forgotten Webpage Makes $3,233.45 in 4 days!

halloween salesDon’t you just love it when you money just pops up unexpectedly!

I showed you how you can make big pay days with th Halloween market and this year was better than ever with 7 of us doing high six Figures combined in sales.

One point I always make is how you can keep making money online from web pages and links that you set up last season!

Last year I set up two Wetpaint pages with some links to costumes for Halloween and totally forgot about them until I checked one of my accounts and low and behold there’s $3,233.45 of sales sitting in there for me from a page that took all of 25 minutes to set up.

Just imagine how many of these pages you can make and then get all that done with outsourcing.

Don’t think this is over and you’ve missed the boat because Halloween’s finished…. Christmas is coming and we sell a lot more stuff and make a lot more money over Xmas …

Jump on the email list to grab the exact map of how I made these pages that sold $3,233.45 in 4 days and let’s get cranking for pre Xmas sales!

Andy R

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