Email Marketing – 5 Steps to Building Your Big List

I love email marketing for both our campaigns and most of our local internet marketing clients!email-marketing tips

I absolutely believe that a huge amount of Internet Marketers, Affiliate Marketers and Offline Consultants would be enjoying a much higher level of income and profits if they embraced High Performance email marketing.

Of course the age old saying is “the money’s in the list” but there’s no money if there’s no response and you don’t take very good care of your subscribers.

There are lots of major mistakes I see daily with students and others alike with their optin process.

Some of the classic pitfalls I see on a regular basis are marketers throwing up an optin page and not testing the ride so to speak so a new subscriber ends up on a blank page or not getting what they were promised.

Another big one is not having any followup sequence prepared and ready to go out to our new subscribers so that they get to know us and we stay relevant from day one which is crucial.

Here’s a cool infographic that spells out some of the steps you need to be successful at email marketing.


For Local Internet Marketers, email marketing can be one of the BIGGEST Money makers around if you know how to go about it because this is exactly what I did to create Profit Sharing Deals with Clients and they happily pay a good percentage of new business that you can generate!

I’m talking regularly making 17.5% on the front end and banking many five figure checks simply by exploiting the overlooked promotions that are lying around everywhere for local businesses.

I would estimate that over the years I have found 19 out of 20 local businesses completely miss out on their email marketing potential… go figure!

What ever you do focus on building your list and taking care of them.


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