Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest has taken off in a big way and for me it’s the BEST new source of Online traffic I’ve seen for a while!

If you take the time to Market on Pinterest the right way, then you will no doubt see a big increase in traffic to your websites and blogs or any other online property.

My advice is to get in early while Pinterest is an invite only service before it opens up to the public and gets hit with all the usual idiot spammers and forces Pinterest to change their services and make it much harder to get the results.

We are already seeing people creating thriving Online Businesses with the help of Pinterest and a solid marketing plan!

Below is a fantastic infographic that gives us a great visual overview of marketing on Pinterest and some Shocking facts about the amount of good traffic Pinterest is driving to websites and blogs.

Marketing on Pinterest

Don’t think that marketing on Pinterest is only for Affiliate marketers or info product marketers because we are seeing some awesome results for our Local internet marketing clients and our offline consulting students who are using Pinterest for their clients!

We will be revealing the new Local Internet Marketing with Pinterest inside Local Internet Marketing University very soon so make sure you check it out.

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