Google+ Cheat Sheet – Google Plus Tips

Google+ (Google Plus) is not setting any records for usage and traffic however it’s vital for Local internet Marketing consultants.

Google is going to continue to make changes that require us to incorporate Google+ in our Local marketing campaigns to get full reward with Google Places!

It’s a simple way to make us embrace Google+ or be penalized in our Google Places optimization efforts and you can’t really blame them.

I can tell you that in our Local Internet Marketing Agency we aren’t going overboard with Google+, however we are making sure to set up the essentials for Clients!

Here’s a handy little Google+ Cheat sheet infographic to help give you some simple tips and shortcuts!


google+ cheat sheet


Some of the things that I do like about Google+ are the hangouts and ability to run video sessions with groups of people which I find works quite well.

Like all the Social Networking sites Like Facebook and Twitter etc. we always use the 80/20 rule and absolutely make sure we cover the essential stuff and NEVER waste time by getting sucked into the comments and other distractions.

Same goes for Google+, just get the important elements done and continue on with the money making tasks such as getting new clients!


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