How to Get Best Ever Reviews in Google Places!

In today’s post I have a cool little Google places optimization tip for you that allows us to get a “best ever reviews ” badge on our clients Google places ever-reviews google places

These best ever reviews are very simple to get however I don’t see very many local businesses with these best ever review badges, nor do I see many local Internet marketing consultants talking about this tip.

Google places optimization is getting more difficult as Google changes things around so anything that we can do to help our clients not only get higher rankings on Google places but to stand out more is a huge benefit for us and our clients.

Check out the video below…


In the last part of that video you can see where I talk about an additional ticket you can use to help your Google places optimization and consulting clients by using a QR code to make it extremely easy for customers to go directly to the page where they can add reviews and of course the best ever reviews.

QR codes becoming more a more prevalent with smart phones exploding in sales I firmly believe that you must incorporate QR codes in as many places as you can and educate customers to use them even if it means creating a short video or article or anything to help customers get a QR code reader and then use it.

If you want to learn more tips, tactics and strategies like that then head over to local Internet marketing University to get the full story.

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