What’s On Your Bucket List?

The Bucket List was a feel-good movie about two terminally ill patients’ road trip to fulfill their wish lists of things to do before they “kicked the bucket”.  If you are a fan of Jack Nicholson oryour bucket list Morgan Freeman it’s worth watching.

When I think of a bucket list it’s more about how my retirement dreams have changed in the last decade.  When you stop being able to dream – especially dream big – it’s time to take a hard look at how you’re living your life.

I always assumed I’d be living a vibrant life in the Italian countryside.  Maybe giving cooking tours to groups of middle aged American women.  But life happened, the stock market crashed and everybody seemed to be focused on just hanging on.

With this in mind I checked in with a few friends my age and asked each of them where they thought they’d be in life when they reach retirement age.  The follow up question was whether those dreams had changed since they were just starting out.

Most of the answers to the first question were predictable:

“I plan to rent/buy an RV and travel around the country.”

“I’m going to live at my vacation home in Florida 6 months a year.”

“I hope to spend more time with my grand kids, hobbies, etc.”

“I’m going to buy a motorcycle and take a cross-country trip.”

The answers to the second question made me sad because they speak to the overall fear faced by those of us who aren’t exactly where we want to be.  I can sum it up in one sentence:

“I have to work an extra 10 years before I can even think about retiring.”

Why the Local Business Marketing Model Makes Sense

The “portable lifestyle” has always intrigued me.  That’s why I enjoyed consulting a lot more than working a regular job.

Marketing for local businesses, or any web based business you might already have, is a perfect solution for people seeking a portable lifestyle – especially baby boomers.

IF you set yourself up for success.  By that I mean you have a steady clientele that you provide regular services to.  Ideally, most of the services you offer won’t require any face to face meetings so you could be anywhere in the world that has a reliable internet connection.

How You can enjoy the Freedom to Work Where you want!Mobile+Working

One service I particularly enjoy is writing content for my clients.  Content attracts customers.  By content I mean customer newsletters, email sequences, web copy, whitepapers, ads, etc.  Video falls into this category too, and videos need scripts as well as production.

None of this stuff is hard to learn and do.  Even if I had more business than I knew what to do with I’d still want to write and produce videos.  There are tons of people I could hire who can do other things faster and cheaper than I can.

Local marketing doesn’t mean you have to live locally.  You’re marketing services to their local market.  If their local market is Miami and you live in New York, your campaigns would be directed to people in the Miami area.

So, if your bucket list includes living seasonally on the other side of the U.S. or across the world, or even a year-long tour in a motor home, your business doesn’t have to miss a beat.  Small businesses really do need our help.  Grab a local client wherever your travels take you.

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