Google+ Local Optimization and Ranking Factors

With Google changing over from Google Places to Google+ Local I thought it would be a great time to look at some of the best Google+ Local Optimization and Ranking Factors.

The big question we get at Local Internet Marketing University on a daily basis is “How much has Google+ Local Changed from Google places”?

Well the answer is, so far not much apart from the pages being inside the Google+ profile.

This is of course until Google fully integrates the two.

The Ranking factors for Google+ Local are the same as Google Places that we can determine from hundreds of campaigns so that is great and means you keep doing what we teach in the Local Marketing Master-Plan.

Here is a rather in-depth look at many of the factors that affect your Google+ Local rankings.

Keep in mind we get incredible results for our clients by combining the RIGHT mix of these Google+ Local Ranking Factors!


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