Google+ Local Search Now Features Google Offers

Looks like Google+ local is getting more of it’s act together now featuring Google Offers.

This whole transition from Google Places over to Google+ Local has left many a Local Internet marketer scratching their heads wondering if things are going to improve.

I have to say this is a nice addition to have Google Offers here because we use these all the time for our Clients to not only promote specials but also help Google+ Local rankings!

All you do is head over to Google+ and click on the local icon, then scroll down and click the Offers link.

Here’s an example from Melbourne in Florida..

Google Places Offers

I would start taking advantage of this and get your clients or your business active here and using these Google Offers as part of your Google+ Local Optimization campaigns.

Andy’s TIP: Be sure to keep these Google offers fresh and rotate new ones in a time frame that is practical for yourself and the business. By this I mean depending upon the amount the client pays you to justify the time and valid offers they have to present.

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