Local Offline Marketing Lead Generation Using Google+

Are you using Google+ for your Local Offline Marketing Lead generation?

If not then I would drop what you’re doing and check the simple method we are using here at Local Oxygen for our agency Lead Gen.Google+ Lead generation Method

Must say I absolutely Love this Local Offline Marketing Lead Generation Using Google+ because it’s right under everybody’s nose and MOST people aren’t using it or even know about it!

This is a killer way to build lists of Local business leads where you can directly communicate with them and it’s way better than just email lists.

The HUGE advantage here is so many local business owners are on Google+ simply because they have to have an account like all of us to post reviews and have a Google+ Local or Google Places business listing.

In the following short Video, I detail how we use Google+ to build healthy valuable lists (Circles) of targeted local businesses, then how we go about contacting them to get past the gatekeepers and close a ton of new business deals every month.

In the second part of our Local Offline Marketing Lead Generation Using Google+ I show you how to connect or contact the local businesses to present your services.

A BIG word of caution!

Do NOT in any way jump straight into sending them an offer or you’ll come off like a spammer or like all those other local marketing agencies who hammer local businesses about getting on page one of Google!

Here’s Part #2 of our Local Lead Generation Using Google+

By far the best way to present your content and offer value to these local business leads is via a free training Webinar.

Webinars for local offline marketing is absolutely knocking it out of the park and help us land hundreds of new local clients.

I highly recommend this lead generation method and know you’ll get a lot of new business if done correctly.

Let’s crush it this year!