7 Steps to Earn a Full time Income with WordPress Blogs

One of my big new Years resolutions is to help as many people as I can to succeed online and enjoy the freedom of not being tied to a desk or boring 9 to 5 job!

But here’s the challenge…

Out of every hundred people trying to earn money online, less than 10 will make any sort of regular income and less than 4 will make enough to fully replace their day job income, of course depending on the salary!

Surely with all the ways to make money online and that fact there are tons of guides to show you how; the numbers should be reversed?

Well one of the BIGGEST challenges for anyone to set up a successful online business is the technical side, and lets face it,almost all parts of internet marketing have technical aspects to some degree.

The funny thing is the people who often find it the hardest to get a proper functioning online business going are the ones who a more adept technically! I know it sounds silly but it’s true, take it from me as someone who struggled for months and months trying to get something actually finished….(being a perfectionist is a real pain)!

When you are more technically capable you will often try to do it all yourself; I know I see it all the time, and yet people who are less technically minded will have no choice but to get it done for them, and therein lies one of the major reasons we see non techie folks succeed where others don’t.

OK… so WHY is this stopping people from making money?

Simple, it’s all about getting stuff done, getting it up and out there and finding out what works and what doesn’t then doing more of what does work!

The technical stuff will kill your business if it slows you down and stops you getting the website, webpage sales page membership site…etc up and in front of potential customers who can buy from you.

WORDPRESS to the rescue..

Without doubt the easiest, fastest most reliable way to get a website up and running that is guaranteed to bring you traffic, that GOOGLE LOVES (won’t slap you) and has tons of simple plugins for many applications is WordPress.

This is what I’m going to show you in a simple series of step-by-step videos of how I set up WordPress sites that work like crazy in as little as 25 minutes, and of course once you know how then you get it all outsourced for a few dollars and hour and concentrate on the only thing that makes you money…. getting people to take their wallets out and buy stuff off you!

I hear so many people say it’s only for blogging etc….

WordPress is a brilliant tool for all internet marketers and I personally know some of the big boys who use it for everything they do now, from sales pages to the latest optins to very cool and EASY membership sites, with the right theme WordPress can do it all now, and I’ll show you examples of the killer themes I use along with all the other things like video embedding, popup forms and tons more.

I use WordPress for CPA offers, Affiliate Marketing, my own products and a host of other online marketing strategies, so get ready to make some serious cash with WordPress in 2010!

Step 1 of the 7 Steps to Earn a Full time Income with WordPress Blogs starts tomorrow!


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