Local Marketing Software increases Revenue by 300% in 120 days

Here’s an example of how we increased our local marketing business revenue by 300% plus in as little as 120 days WITHOUT Hiring any additional outsource employees.local oxygen revenue increase

Most Local Online marketers I come across think getting clients is the biggest challenge and yes you must get clients to have a business BUT…

Once you do land clients for your Offline Marketing agency the biggest factor to growing your business is keeping the ones you have.

Keeping the Clients you have means producing results and keeping them happy!

So HOW do you work on your business to grow it, keep clients happy, have enough time for sales and make sure ALL the marketing tasks are getting done?

The short answer is Systems & Automation.

In this short video I show you one of the MOST powerful tools we developed in Local Oxygen that has allowed us to grow so rapidly AND take a lot more time off!

Local Marketing Software Management Systems Built By Local Marketers!

When we first launched Local Oxygen to the Warrior Forum Community it was an instant HIT!

So much so that we had to close the doors after 2 days and they’ve been closed effectively ever since.

There’s NO doubt the lack of a serious Local Online Marketing Projects management system has been the BIGGEST hole in the Offline Marketing community and we realized how BAD it was when the flood gates opened.

Here’s a great summary of the impact Local Oxygen had on the Offline Marketing world from Mike Lantz from the Warrior Forum:

“…An amazing piece of software here to automate so many needed real world processes…”

Do you know what the #1 problem is in Offline Marketing? It isn’t lead generation like most people thinkā€¦

The single biggest problem in Offline Marketing is proving on an ongoing basis that you are worth what you’re charging. This is where 90% of “offliners” lose business.

And if you don’t keep customers paying you… you go out of business no matter how many leads you get!

Most people simple don’t have the technical skills to PROVE that all the hard work they’re doing is making a difference.

Here’s just a few things this incredible software can do:

– Generate beautiful reports to PROVE to your offline clients they need to keep paying you.

– A customer “portal” where your clients can log in and see work you’ve done & even get involved in their own marketing!

– Automated client notifications (VERY cool!)

– Outsource management (for business owners looking to grow their company)

– iPad & iPhone optimized reports to show to potential leads (fast, easy & impressive)

– Software hosted online (so no installation or complicated setup necessary)

This makes it 1000x easier when is comes time to collect your checks. It makes it easier for you to grow & automate your business.

It makes you look WAY more professional than the competition & it will land you clients that WILL PAY YOU MORE than you’re getting now.

We will be opening the doors for a small number of luck Local Marketers who want to Light the Afterburners on their business and get more clients and grow revenue beyond 6 Figures!

The ONLY way in right now is to secure a FREE Membership in the Local Marketing Success Club

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