7 Killer Ways to Get Clients for Your Local Marketing Business

How to Get Clients Today for Your local internet marketing business – the biggest road-block every Local Marketer faces!

“In this in-depth blog post I’m going to give the low down on what we use in our 7-Figure Local Marketing agency to tap into a never ending supply of Clients.”

MOST Local Internet Marketers Get This Horribly Wrong!

I think there’s officially 217 Ways to get clients based on the last round of Offline marketing WSO’s, or at least that’s how many hair brained ideas I’ve seen concocted over the past year 😉

Of course I’m just kidding… but seriously it seems like there is a new way to get clients dreamed up every day in some persons bedroom who more than likely has never landed a single client!

It’s a HUGE Trap for so many Local Online Marketers and it makes me sad to see everyone doing the “New Shiny Object” Chase routine when the rules of success to getting clients are fundamental and never really change.

OK so I admit there are some new innovative methods that have merit from time to time but they are as rare as the clients these guys have.

The MOST Important Fundamental for Local Marketing Success

To Survive and Thrive in this business YOU need to focus on what the other 99.5% of Local Internet Marketers are NOT Doing.

Quick story…

I was talking to one of our VERY successful Local Marketing Agencies recently and the CEO was telling me how they have built their Consulting company to 7 Figures in such a short time, and how they win most deals over other consultants.


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These guys addressed the very FATAL Trap that virtually every Offline marketer gets caught up in, and that’s selling Commodities!

In other words selling fulfillment services such as Google Places/Local, Reputation Management, Mobile Sites, Web pages, Social Media, Local SEO etc etc.


Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you don’t provide these services as part of your Strategic business Consulting… What I am saying is you DON’T try to sell these services as the FIX for all local business needs.

These CAN be good foot-in-the-door strategies BUT… they can also set you up for a big crash and burn.

MOST Local Businesses couldn’t care less about all these tactics… all they want is to see more customers turning into greater profits for their business.

Local Marketing is a System not a tactic.

Do You Look Like Every Other Local Internet Marketer?average local marketer

The competition for selling these commodity services is getting tougher every day and it’s only going to get worse as more and more WSO’s and the like are pumped out on a daily basis.

Every day there are a ton of new would-be Local Marketers hitting the streets so to speak as they realize how HARD other form of Internet marketing can be. It’s a tough gig to make a living with traditional online marketing unless you have your marketing and copywriting DOWN!

We see this almost daily as people give up on trying to make money online with affiliate marketing or creating info products or Kindle books etc.

So…they turn to Local Internet Marketing as the great hope to fulfill their internet lifestyle dreams.

BUT! Then they fall into the usual fatal traps…

All the Offline marketers who sell fulfillment as their front-line sales looks just like every other marketer, and don’t forget the big agencies who are calling these businesses and hammering the owners saying the typical..”We can get you on page one of Google”, “We can build you a Mobile Site” blah blah.

Here you are trying to compete against the noise to get clients and look different when the truth is you look exactly like all the others regardless of the spin you put on it.

You end up competing on price because that’s the ONLY real way a client can differentiate between everyone… And the typical business you end up targeting here tend to shop on price which means you both lose.

Becoming the TRUE Local Internet Marketing Consultant

This is who I call the “Business Marketing Strategist”.

Here is a Quick Example of What I mean.



local marketing doctor

This is the person who consults with the local business to uncover the greatest needs and areas of weakness in their sales and marketing, just like my friend the CEO I mentioned earlier.

They don’t go in there talking about SEO and Google Maps or Mobile – they talk about how they can grow the business which is music to the ears.

Think of it as being the Local Marketing Doctor!

You assess and analyze the business then make recommendations based on their current situation, NOT try to fit a service to the business like most do.

The 7 PROVEN Ways to Get Clients for Your Local Marketing Business

So now you know exactly what to focus on by being a Strategic Marketing Consultant and NOT a fulfillment/commodity person.

Lets look at some of the TOP methods for getting clients that have delivered literally hundreds of great local clients.

You can find the rest in our Brand New FREE 35 Page Report:

1. The Local Marketing Audit Formula

This is a simple method where you offer the business owner a FREE Online Health check or Audit to help them find out where they can improve their marketing and sales. The key is having a well developed Audit checklist to get as much detail as you can from the business owner.

For example: We run Webinars and at the end rather than try to close the sale right then and there, we offer a number of Free Marketing Audits to say the first 10 businesses we select.

I’ll mention that the audits normally cost $295 so they know they’re getting awesome value.

Always Qualify First!

Don’t just hand these out to anyone, make sure you qualify them first if you can. Get them on the telephone and qualify them, or send a questionnaire for them to fill out and based on that you decide whether to pursue them or not.

Present The Pain

When you present the audit/ marketing health check, highlight the pain of leads and sales they’re losing by not having (Your Solution). Any ranking reports, Reputation info and lack of Mobile site etc. will help your case.

One of our biggest Weapons when presenting to Clients is our Local Marketing MasterPlan that we designed to print out at a very sizable 36” x 36”.

This awesome poster has literally closed more than 10 6-Figure deals, and I’m talking Six figures from one client!

This is what I’m talking about.


2. The Irresistible Webinar Formula

The Irresistible Webinar Formula is my hands-down favorite way to land new clients.

I know for some the idea of hosting a live Webinar for local Clients is daunting and most marketers never get around to doing it.

Webinars absolutely kill it in the Offline space and the best way to deliver education based marketing and deliver awesome value to prospective clients.

Webinars can deliver huge numbers of new Clients where some of our local marketing colleagues have landed up to 200 new clients in a single month!

It’s not uncommon to get 5-10 new clients every Webinar you run!

The Advantages and Benefits of Webinars for Getting Clients.

  • Convenient for clients
  • High perceived value for clients
  • Can get you past the Gatekeepers!
  • Give you a lot more time to demonstrate benefits
  • Can record and use for Automated Webinars
  • Instantly sets you up as the Expert
  • People will tell others if the info is really good!

The details of how to organize and run your Webinars are in the Free 35 Page Client Getting Guide so please take advantage and download at will!

3. The Simple Business Card List Builder.

This is such a simple yet powerful strategy I can’t believe no one talks about it!

get clients method

This originally came about because we were getting in on the Groupon type Daily Deals and we hit gold with this as a lead generation/Client getting method.

It was sort of by accident because we were intending to land clients for the Daily Deals service which we would then up-sell them to Local Marketing, however it proved to be an incredible deal maker.

The Strategy Outline

In this picture you can see yours truly holding our little magic box that worked like crazy at collecting leads.

The way this worked was we would place one of these units in all kinds of local business where customers would put in either their business card or write out their email etc. and place that in the box.

The box has a 7” digital photo frame that would show special offers from the business to get customers to put in their details.

Gathering the Perfect Leads

Think about it, by doing this we are gathering the perfect leads for the business because these people are already customers or looking to be. All these names and emails are left to waste by 97% of all businesses with even the larger ones running crappy newsletter campaigns and lame promotions.

As you collect the leads you get them entered into your Aweber account or whichever email system you use to create promotions that often will STUN the business owner when they see how effective this is.

So there are a few of the powerful methods we use to get clients that work consistently and keep our sales funnel FULL.

You can get ALL the details of these and other methods inside the FREE Local Marketing Success Club along with coaching video sessions where I take you through the exact formulas.

Grab a free spot now!


To your Local Marketing Success.


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