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Internet marketing consultantAndy’s story is an interesting one and proves how ANYONE can go from barely making ends meet to turning over 7 Figures with nothing more than a bit of grit and determination!

The real purpose of my story is to give people hope and confidence to make things happen and create the life you dream of.

If a burned out broke musician can do this then so can YOU!

Early in the Nineties after many years as a highly paid sales professional it was time for a change and I finally got the chance to do the love of my life full time; be a full time musician playing touring and recording with a number of great bands, it was a great time and lots of fun… but it didn’t last and a few short years later we were out of work, broke and living on the bread line.

To cut a long story short, out of the blue my mortgage broker (of all people) who was helping us try to save the house, asked if I knew anyone who could help a friend with their new website “I can do that” I said, I’d already helped local businesses a few years ago get online.

That was the day my life turned around, that one internet consulting job changed my life and I’ve never looked back:-)

One local craft shop suddenly turned into a steady stream of local business clients eager to pay me for some simple website promotion and the sort of Financial Freedom I had only dreamed about.

And so it has been my mission to coach and mentor as many people as I can to build their own Local Internet Marketing Consulting Empires.

If you like the idea of using your current Online Marketing skill to be a HIGHLY PAID Internet Marketing Consultant, then let me show exactly how I did and tap into my 11 years in the trenches experience!

You can find out more right here… The Internet Marketing Consulting Coach

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Russ April 7, 2011 at

I saw your article on the leads engine. The website wpleadengine.com is selling it. Your video gives the impression you wrote this. The website says Oded Abbou wrote it as an additional item for eLeadStudio. Can you clarify this? Are you helping him, are you a co-author, or are you pretending this is yours? From the majority of material I have watched of yours, you seem to have high integrity, so this lead engine thing seems out of the ordinary for you. I’m planning on buying the Traffic Geyser Main Street 2 package and would like to buy through you, so I’m anxious to see what you are adding to it. Thanks.

AndyRkelly April 16, 2011 at

HI Russ,
Yes I am working with Oded and providing all the in-depth training on local lead generation and he is of course building the software side.

For MSMM2 I have a superb bonus where I will be personally coaching a small group on our latest strategies and systems that are crushing it with even a handful of local clients.


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