Video Genesis – 34 Fatal Video Mistakes Most People Make

I laughed and I cried while watching this killer “Video Genesis – 34 Fatal Video Mistakes Most People Make” first launch Video from Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime! Laughed because it’s genuinely funny (if you like Andy’s type of humor, which I do). It’s also sad when you realize how many No-No’s and ahem’ mistakes…

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Our Local Marketing Secret Weapon Revealed!

I was thinking the other day it’s about time I revealed our Local Marketing “Secret Weapon” so you can see first-hand how we reached 7 figures so quickly! It’s not that Chris and I are so lucky or things just fell our way…Absolutely not! There’s one MAJOR tool that we’ve been using in our local…

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How to Create QR Codes That Look Amazing

local oxygen revenue increase

QR codes are a great (and underutilized) way to provide Local Online Marketing services to local business clients. If you’re a Local Marketing Consultant, then I strongly suggest using the full marketing potential of Quick Response codes (QR) to drive more leads, customers and sales to your clients business. “This is one of the BIGGEST…

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Local Marketing Software increases Revenue by 300% in 120 days

Here’s an example of how we increased our local marketing business revenue by 300% plus in as little as 120 days WITHOUT Hiring any additional outsource employees. Most Local Online marketers I come across think getting clients is the biggest challenge and yes you must get clients to have a business BUT… Once you do…

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Mobile Apps Marketing Info Graphic – The Big Opportunity for Local Marketers

Here’s a few nice mobile marketing stats to help you craft an irresistible local internet marketing sales presentation. Mobile Marketing service is absolutely killing it for many of our Students and colleagues selling to local business. One of the KEY factors of our potent sales formula is using the RIGHT marketing information and Data to…

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How to Write a Press Release

How to Write a Press Release that gets exposure and creates a flood of Website traffic! Learning how to write a press release can be quite the tough task for some people. The truth is that press releases are just a bit different than articles, and they require more professionalism in their style of writing…

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