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You don’t need an expensive set up to produce great videos. I have created many successful campaigns for Local Internet Marketing Clients and for our Consulting Agency with simple local cost Web Videos!

There are many options available that will allow you to create videos without a camera. Let’s take a look at three popular marketing tips

Make A Slide Show : Animoto

It’s very easy to make a video slideshow with Animoto.  Animoto does all the hard work, adding the video effects and music to your slideshow to give it the wow factor.

Slideshows that you create on Animoto that are less than 30 seconds are completely free.  To make unlimited full length videos that can be download and easily distributed costs $5 per month. or you can get a Business Account that lets you create unlimited Videos at DVD quality!

Creating a video is a quick process. Simple sign up and click  Create Video.  Choose your video type (some options are available only to paid members). Grab you images, add text, rotate or spotlight images. Select your music (you can use your own too!) and save.  You may also customize video length, image speed and your video cover images.  Click to create your video and you are done.  You now have a great looking video that you can use to showcase you, your product or your company and services.

Animoto, will then give you the option to remix your video, e-mail it, post it online, download it or send it directly to YouTube.

Make A Screen Cast : Jing Project

Don’ t worry if you’re camera shy! You can still make a video (with voice) without you having to be on screen. Let’s say you want to make a video giving a tour of your new website or product. The easiest way to do that is to make a Screencast that will capture the activity on your computer screen.  A Screencast is very simple to do.  It lets you record everything that  happens on your screen, while also video capture softwarecapturing audio.

Jing is a free online browser based Screencast tool.  Let’s take a look at how you can use the Jing web application to create professional videos.

The only one drawback that I find with Jing is you are limited to 5 Minutes maximum per video for recording, however this can be overcome by recording 2 or 3 5 minute videos and combining them in a video editor like iMovie or Windows Movie maker.

The really cool thing about Jing is that it is browser based.  You don’t even need to download the application to get going.  While there is a professional version that offers more functionality, the free version of the tool is perfect to start with.

*Andy’s TIP! I use Jing for most of my Outsourcing videos where I show my outsourcer what I want done and the handy thing is since I can only do 5 Minutes at a time it makes me be much more specific and straight to the point making me more efficient.

Making a video with Jing is as simple as starting up the tool, and pressing the record button.  Jing will begin to capture all of your on-screen activity, including audio, for up to five minutes in the free version.

When you are done recording your Screencast, you have the option to save it, or to upload it for free to Hosting on is also free for 2GB of storage space, and 2GB of monthly bandwidth. You can upgrade hosting to a Pro version.

Is the Pro version worth buying? Yes, especially if you’d like to option of being able to upload your Screencast directly to YouTube.  Also, the Pro version of Jing supports MPEG-4/H.264. The free version records your video as an SWF file which can be played by Adobe Flash player. The Pro version also offers customization options, allowing you to control what appears to viewers.

Make A Presentation : PowerPoint

Let’s take a look at how to create a movie from PPT files that can then be uploaded to YouTube.

When creating a movie from PowerPoint you have two options.  You can either run the PowerPoint as a full-screen slideshow and capture the slides using screen recording software such as Jing.  This is the Powerpoint presentationleast preferred method.  You can also make a movie from PowerPoint slide images. We’ll use the latter approach though you won’t see the animations or transitions in the PowerPoint movie.

PowerPoint is a very quick and easy way to create slideshow style videos.   It can be used for training, presentations, products overviews, tutorials and lots more. There are a whole bunch of options for creating text effects and slide transitions that will give your video a very professional look and feel.  PowerPoint allows you to import your audio voice recording or you can record directly within PowerPoint too.

To create a video simply add and format your content, choose save File, Save and Send.  Then choose the option “Create A Video” and your done.  It’s that simple.

These tools are the foundation of what I use for creating our “Video Review Formula” videos that are killer for landing top quality clients without having to Cold Call or go out and knock on doors!

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This Google Places Optimization tip is a neat little trick that will help you get extra attention to your Google places listing by getting double sets of average review stars.Google Places review-stars

The way we do this is by adding at least one customer testimonial to your clients website with the process that’s called hReview microformat.

Basically this review format is a code you can use to alert Google to the fact that there is a customer review on your website and to pay attention to it!
The IMPORTANT thing here is these Microformats are giving Google exactly what it wants and makes reading this super easy for Google.

As part of our Google places optimization series of these microformat codes are really important nowadays because it’s something that Google is looking for in the local search arena and not only that, the biggest advantage that I see with this is that it makes your clients Google places listing really pop out.

We are definitely seeing quite a boost in click through rates by having two sets of stars to draw customers eyes directly to your clients Google places listing.

Here is a quick video where I show you exactly how to do this and get double sets of average review stars.

In the video it you’ll notice that I mention two different ways that you can get these double sets of review stars by manually adding the code from …or

The other option that you can use if you’re using WordPress for your clients website is a simple and very cool little WordPress plug-in that allows you to add customer reviews to clients website or your own website and automatically inserts the correct microformat code.

I strongly recommend that you implement this Google places optimization strategy as quickly as possible on all sites that you can because not only does it mean that you can get effectively 10 stars on your Google places listing which will absolutely drive more customers to your clients websites and click-throughs.

This will also mean that when your clients website shows up organically those reviews Stars will be displayed on their search results.

This is a really important point and strategies for improving your clients credibility and reputation online because every time your clients website shows up in the search results customers will see the stars and they have a big influence these days in prompting someone to click on that listing even overcoming the fact that their results maybe further down the page!

You can check to see if the review format on your clients websites or your own websites is showing up correctly by going to this Google tool which checks on the rich snippets.

The local Internet marketing landscape is getting more competitive on a daily basis so everything that we can do to optimize our SEO, Google places and website traffic campaigns will make a difference at the end of the day for our clients potential profits.


I came across a video the other day that they played at the Super Bowl which was one of Google’s ads for search marketing and I thought how cool would that be to use that style of video to send to potential local Internet marketing google-search-storiesclients.

So I did a quick search and found that Google has set up a service called Google search stories where you can actually create your own versions of these screen capture videos and it creates them automatically which is fantastic.

I’m always looking for faster and more efficient ways to do any of our daily routines and marketing tasks so that we can concentrate on the most important elements of our business which is getting new clients and growing the profits.

That’s what I love about Google search stories in the way we can quickly and effortlessly create some smart and catchy videos to get out potential local internet marketing clients attention because it only takes about 5-10 minutes to create this video.

Here’s a quick example that I threw together in about five minutes to show you what I mean.

I know you could do much better than the one I have here because this is simply to show it and demonstrate how cool this Google search stories facility is and I didn’t want to take much time at all to do it.


Here’s the proper link to Google Search Stories because they changed it a while ago and most links point to the Channel which is not the Creator!

My suggestion for making the most of this Google search stories tool, is to think about the sequence that someone who is frustrated and/or looking for a solution to help them with their local Internet marketing would logically think about this.

Any time you can standout from a crowd you’re going to get attention and rise above the noise and that’s why this approach can be very effective because you can imagine that not too many Internet marketing consultants are sending these videos to potential clients, so that leaves you as the one who will stand out.

Since these Google search stories videos only take a few minutes to create why not put together specific ones for individual clients where you actually type in their name or the business details and bring up their Google places listings for example to show them how far away from the from page they are!

You could also use the example videos showing poor reviews and other elements like that, but of course you don’t have control over the search results as they display when the videos created so you’ll have to test it out with a few different search terms to see what Google generates when they create the video.

One way that I’ve always found very effective and a great method to attract attention from potential local Internet marketing clients, is to send them different forms of media and medium such as different videos, e-mails, letters etc. and this is one way that you can have a different approach and something that’s a bit creative and stands out.

Make sure you leave some comments below because of love to hear exactly how you’re finding the process of creating these Google search stories for local Internet marketing clients and ask questions as well and I’m happy to come in and answer them and give you as many tips as I can to help you be more successful.