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If you’re looking at building a new website for your local business or like to update your current one, this excellent infographic will show you how to make it Super Optimized for Google!local-seo

For most business owners and the majority of designers, it’s a real challenge to know exactly how to lay out and properly optimize your website for Local SEO.

NOTE: If you’re doing Local Adwords and PPC for Clients then we need a different more tailored landing page specific for sending people from Google Adwords or Facebook, don’t ever just send folks to the home page or any old internal page when doing PPC.

We deal with thousands of local businesses here at Local Oxygen and one of the very first things we need to fix is the clients website to maximize all the other local marketing optimization we do!

You’ll find there’s a ton of info about Google+ Local optimization but not a whole lot about building and planning Local SEO sites.

Well I was just about to create easy guide to help you build highly optimized local business website but thanks to the guys Systemadik.com I don’t have to.

Here’s a couple of things we do a bit differently that you can choose to use if you like.

  1. We always make the PRIMARY function of all our sites to get the lead. i.e. everything is about getting the customer to call or subscribe, so one thing we do is maximize the phone number to make it jump out.
  2. Make a BIG focus on offering a great LEAD Magnet to get people to optin to the email list.
  3. Along with cities served we also make sure to include services offered including the G+ categories and next highest value keywords. Be careful here to make it natural and NOT keyword stuffing!
  4. When using the Testimonials, make sure you use the Google Review embed method that I share here.



Local SEO infographic by Systemadik.com

This is definitely a good design layout for Local SEO and gives you a simple blueprint to follow.

Once you have the basics in place then you can really focus on getting the conversions by following the 5 point plan we have in the Local Marketing University.

This will make the site do what it’s supposed to. Remember all the traffic in the world is useless if it doesn’t convert into leads and sales!


Local network meetings are a PROVEN successful way to get new clients and they give you a great opportunity to present yourself as an authority and expert in Local Marketing.network-meetings

The trick is to strategically attend these local network meeting events and offer value to other business owner by offering presentations on how they can succeed online by utilizing what’s working in the market place. Be careful to make sure your giving great content and education and not trying to obviously sell because a lot of these places frown upon this. The thing is you don’t need to because the education will sell them on YOU!

There are probably many local business events in your area so take a look at the possibilities and put yourself out there..

Chamber of Commerce – Every community has a local chamber of commerce. The fee for joining can be in the hundreds of dollars but often times you can join with a monthly fee. Even if it’s not advertised ask. If you can get involved in events using your skills to help, people will start recommending you.

Your Strategy: Align yourself with the smallest businesses and if they have a sub group, those who work from home. If they don’t have a work from home or floating office contingent, create one. You’ll become invaluable to the organization.

Women in Business Meetings — Check to see if your community has meetings just for women, or if you’re not a woman, find out if they need people to present at meetings. Many local women’s business meetings like to have an expert speak on various topics and you don’t have to be a female.

Your Strategy: Help others learn how to work from home on the Internet while also filling your client list with those who don’t want to do everything themselves. You might be surprised to learn that even when you tell people how to do everything from A to Z, they don’t really want to do all that work. That’s where you come in.

BNI International Meetings — Business networking groups like this are excellent ways to find clients to work with. The way these groups work is that only one business or person from each profession can join each group. The members agree to recommend each other. It can be pricy to get in and you have to be comfortable giving a presentation to the others before they accept you. It can be very lucrative.

Your Strategy: Showcase your business in the best light during presentations, and become a resource to this group of networkers. Recommend them to others in the rest of your local networks and they will return the favor. The great thing about BNI is that within a group, you’re the only one of your kind in it, so you can offer a lot.

“A strategy that works extremely well for me is offering free training webinars for members and the way I get people to register is by using a QR code on a business card that links to the Webinar registration. Of course you must not be selling but offering genuine great content.”

Start Your Own Meetings — Using a social program like http://www.meetup.com to plan and organize local business meetings. You can start it with your own presentation. You’ll need to find a space. A good idea for locating space is asking for free space from an hourly office rental firm. They might light the idea of getting some free advertisement for your weekly meetings being hosted with them.

Your Strategy: Become an expert in your field on a local basis. Get known as the go-to person regarding your niche. By having your own meet ups and conducting your own presentation those who attend will automatically see you as an expert and come to you if they need extra help. If you can align with an office rental agency you’ll be golden.

When you attend any local events go prepared to promote your business. Bring business cards that list your website or perhaps a QR code on them that will take them to a form to get on your email list. Get their cards too and contact them. Invite them to coffee. Give them advice if they ask for it and really connect with these local people and you’ll be surprised to find that you can find plenty of local clients to fill any open billable hours you have.

Andy’s Tip! One of the most powerful things you can do for these events is get a book published. It’s not hard and very inexpensive these days and I can tell you from much experience that when you offer a business owner your book instead of a business card, they will instantly regard you as THE expert and Authority!

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Mobile growth is nothing short of extraordinary and set to quickly overtake PC numbers and traffic which says pretty plainly, if you’re a local business you better get your act together to be found on mobile devices… NOW!

“The infographic below highlights some of the KEY points why being found on a mobile device is not an option now but CRITICAL!”

According to a Google Mobile Movement Study, “88% of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours.”

Think about that stat just for a bit and REALLY let it sink in! Almost 9 out of every 10 people CALL or GO TO a local business when looking up on their Mobile Device… These people are BUYERS!

I know for myself and most of our team at Local Oxygen that when we look for stuff on the iPhone for example we’re in action mode, meaning I’m out and looking for a place or I just remembered something to buy or and appointment to make.

Mobile searches for local business are a very different mindset to desktop PC, and the Google stats prove that without a shadow of a doubt the businesses who show up first on mobile devices will get the BUSINESS FIRST!

Here are a few of the key points in the infographic to take note of…

70% of smartphone users use their mobile device while shopping in-store.

With so many consumers using their mobile devices in-store it presents the business owner with a golden opportunity to connect AND capture customers social info along with options to subscribe to the store email for extra special deals etc.

What you want to do is display social media profile information prominently in the store and make it very easy to connect. For example you could use a QR code to get customers to go to your email subscription form or use the Facebook one click subscribe.

50% of smartphone users use local maps to find retail locations.

I know I do this all the time when out seeing Clients or just out and about, I’ll often check out a local eatery for a meal and like most folks it’s the listing in the top with good reviews and 4 or more stars.

79% of smartphone users have used their device for shopping related activities.

There’s no doubt a LOT of people are now using their Mobile devices more and more to check out what to buy even when at home. I know I do. It’s just easier to quickly grab the iPad or iPhone when something pops into the mind rather than go to my office and jump on the computer.

I see my wife do this all the time now and rarely does she use the PC to check out things to buy, and that is the perfect example of why this is VITAL for local businesses!
Check out the Infographic below and if you’re a Local Business then take heed… If you’re a Local Marketer then use the info and stats to build your presentation and educate clients.

why-your-business-needs-to-be-found-on-mobile-devicesInfographic by Market Domination Media

If you’re looking for more clients then Mobile Marketing and creating Mobile optimized websites for local businesses is an excellent Foot-in-the-Door strategy.

They are easy to sell because the benefits are obvious, simple and clear. When a client sees their normal website compared to the optimized Mobile site it’s night and day. You can do it cheaply and Clients GET how important it is when you show them the stats and info like in this infographic.

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