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March 2010

Traffic voodoo update!

Here is how you get Jeff Johnson’s coaching club for free, Plus get a sneak peek inside the traffic voodoo membership area and check out some of the amazing content and traffic getting training systems that Jeff is going to reveal.

See the video here:

Traffic Voodoo Sneak Peek Video

Traffic Voodoo Sneak Peek Video

If you struggle in any way to get the kind of traffic and sales that you want online, then traffic voodoo by Jeff Johnson is an absolute must and a literal GOLDMINE!

I use the very same methods that Jeff teaches in traffic voodoo to dominate many of the offline markets and get paid ridiculous amounts of money from my local business clients.

I absolutely believe that without the same traffic getting genius of traffic voodoo, that my offline consulting business would not be anywhere near as successful as it is.

Andy R Kelly


Traffic Voodoo – an Insider Review

traffic voodoo reviewTraffic voodoo is a brand new traffic getting, List building and Conversion Crushing system developed by Jeff Johnson who’s renowned as one of the greatest traffic getting masters on the Internet. Traffic voodoo is all about creating a simple mini network of WordPress blogs that focus on highly targeted hungry buyers. It gives you Jeff’s exact formula for building MASSIVE Highly responsive Subscriber lists using his IRRESISTIBLE Secret Sauce. Traffic Voodoo is an 8 Week intensive LIVE Training Coaching Series Designed to Hand YOU the EXACT System that Jeff Johnson uses to DOMINATE Affiliate Launches and Make Hundreds of Thousands in only a matter of Days!

See Traffic Voodoo Here

Why traffic voodoo works like crazy!

The genius behind traffic voodoo is a very simple three-step market domination strategy. The first part of traffic voodoo uses Jeff Johnson’s cutting-edge WordPress blog optimization techniques. These wickedly effective WordPress optimization secrets found in Traffic Voodoo are the main reason Jeff Johnson WINS so many Affiliate contests selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products from all the BIG internet Marketing Gurus and literally millions of dollars worth of products from Amazon and other big affiliate networks. The way Jeff builds a mini network of 2-3 feeder sites that point to your main money site is the REAL Secret Sauce to why Traffic Voodoo works so well AND can Drive SO MUCH FREE Traffic. It’s the THREE Irresistible Keys: 1. Traffic Voodoo is Irresistible to Google and the other Search Engines to send you floods of traffic! 2. Traffic Voodoo is irresistible to PEOPLE, it makes your visitors click your links or sign up for your list. 3. It is irresistible to getting your visitors to BUY and conversion is what puts MONEY in your pocket!

The Traffic Voodoo Blueprint

The first part of traffic voodoo uses Jeff Johnson’s cutting-edge WordPress Mini net Strategy that is simple to to do yet seriously supercharges the traffic getting effectiveness of a WordPress blog. traffic launcher systemThe second part and probably the most crucial step to traffic voodoo is targeting the right affiliate campaigns and keywords. This is not about going for the highest amount of searches hoping to get tons of traffic, this is all about targeting people who are ready to buy right now! This is very similar to the strategy that WE use with our Web 2.0 traffic matrix system, where we only focus on people who are looking to buy and then offering something extra to buy from us right now, and this is PROOF of how astonishingly effective Jeff’s system is! The final step to traffic voodoo and what I call the secret sauce, is how sites are linked together and the back linking from external sites such as social network sites video sites etc. when you put these three steps together it forms one of the most powerful yet incredibly simple traffic getting, profit generating systems anywhere.

See Traffic Voodoo Here

How Traffic Voodoo Works for us!

As an example of how amazingly effective Jeff Johnson’s traffic voodoo system is; we’ve been using virtually the EXACT same system in our Internet marketing consulting or offline consulting business for the past 6 months and have built a massively successful SIX Figure online business doing simple rental webpages or leasing webpages to local business. These business owners pay us $500-$1000 per month to rent the web pages, and most of the success of this business model is due to the very same traffic getting system of traffic voodoo. By combining Traffic Voodoo with the Web Page Rentals method you have a guaranteed cash cow that virtually NO ONE Know about YET!

Unique Traffic Voodoo Killer Bonus!

When You purchase Traffic Voodoo through our special link, YOU will get instant Access to Our Exclusive Web Page Leasing system! In Short Web Page Rentals Puts Thousands of Dollars in YOUR Pocket Each and Every Month on Autopilot! Find out how YOU can Quickly Build a HIGH SIX Figure Online Business with Traffic Voodoo and Our Web Page Rentals Killer Bonus!

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Website RentalsEver heard of Website Rentals?

Have you ever wished you bought that house or apartment on the beach all those years ago?

You know the one that’s worth millions now but was relatively cheap back then!

Well here’s your chance to do the same with Website Rentals or internet real estate.

Website Rentals is something I’ve been doing as a cash flow generator or income stream for a while and when you look at how this Website Rentals system works, you,ll see that it’s not just the cash flow or income but the capital value and growth of your asset.

Here’s the video where I explain how this Website Rentals empire works and why you would be mad not to get in and grab a piece of the pie while it’s pretty easy to dominate these pieces of real estate.

There are a few audio glitches so please excuse them and just focus on the message.

[flowplayer id=1 640×360]

The demand for these Website Rentals will skyrocket over the next few years and you will be sitting on a virtual gold mine just like owning the beach front property!

Not only will you get the cash cow rent money from leasing the web pages out to local business, you can flip the sites for instant cash if required.

For example I had one of my Dental web sites with number 1 on Google ranking and was making great rental income from a local Dentist.

After the site had been sitting in the top ten for 7 months, another local cosmetic dentist made an offer in the HIGH FIVE FIGURES for the site to buy it outright!

This doesn’t happen every day with Website Rentals but just imagine what YOU could do with that and how many more site like that you could create…

This is a monster money maker… mark my words!