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July 2011

Over the past couple of weeks Google has made a number of changes to Google places that impacts all of us in the local Internet marketing arena. Google Places optimization

If you haven’t seen the changes then go and have a look because you will notice that visually the Google places page has changed and third-party reviews and citations have been removed.

I’ve had a bunch of e-mails asking me how this will affect my Offline consulting business and we’ve been busy at work in the local Internet marketing University labs testing and measuring results of many clients listings to see what effect this latest update has had on them.

Here’s a quick video that I did just to explain what’s happened in the Google places space.

there’s always a flip side to these changes and often it opens up opportunities in other areas, and that’s exactly what’s happened here.

By virtue of the fact that Google has changed the reviews and remove the third-party ones and focusing on Google reviews, this is dramatically changed the emphasis on reputation management and opened up a huge potential opportunity for many local Internet marketers.

In the next video I’ll go through exactly what this means to you as an Internet marketing consultant and how to capitalize on this opportunity.

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google+ Google plusI was hoping this might be a simple one step operation to import your Facebook friends or contacts into Google+ (Google plus), however I quickly discovered that there’s no simple button to press so I delved in and worked out a way to do it.

There’s no secret to Facebook and Google are not really the best of friends at the moment over this whole social network thing, and Google plus is setting all sorts of records so as a local Internet marketer or Offline consultant, you cannot afford to ignore Google+ and the impact of will have on local marketing for your clients.

In the short video I go through and show you how to quickly and easily with a few simple steps import all of your Facebook friends into Google plus which also means there excess of all in all of your Google accounts which is something we will be doing for all clients.


To learn more about how Google+ will affect your local internet marketing business and clients, be sure to check out our new Breakthrough Local Internet Marketing University where I will be personally showing you how to maximize this new profit platform!

Onward and Upward.



Here is a tip to help you dominate Google places for your Offline consulting clients by using properly tagged photos.offline consulting tips

If you have a look at the most Google places listings they are poorly optimized and off for one of the most amazing opportunities to provide local Internet marketing services for local businesses.

In this following short video I go through how to properly tag your photos that you used for Google places listings. One of the key elements to optimizing your listings is to have multiple photos added and to make sure that they are properly geo-tagged.

Of course properly tagged photos is only one of many key elements to help you dominate Google places and propel your local business clients to the top of Google search.

I know I keep saying it but Google places has opened up the door for so many people wanting to get into Internet marketing consulting and build an online business because it’s so straightforward for anyone to get great results from.

**Here is some very exciting news that I’ve wanted to share with you for a while but couldn’t until we had everything set up and finalized.

Local Internet Marketing UniversityThis week we are unveiling the brand-new hugely anticipated “local Internet marketing University” we have spent months working on this to provide a rapid learning, coaching and success center for Internet marketing consultants or anyone wanting to get into this fast-growing industry.

If you’d like to know more about how you can get access to this amazing content, then head over here to get on the early bird list for a sneak peek!

I can guarantee that the local Internet marketing University of will change the fortunes of many online marketers.

Yours for Offline consulting profits

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