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November 2011

Cross Channel Mojo

by Andy on

Cross Channel Mojo has just been announced by Mike Koenigs from Traffic Geyser, the creator of Main Street marketing machines and Social Media Marketing Mobile Marketing MachinesMachines.

Cross Channel Mojo is set to launch in early December with the usual dazzle and uber cool videos that Mike and the gang produce and there’s no doubt it’ll create a high pitched fever.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’ll know that Mobile Marketing, text message marketing, email and all the hot channels are HUGE with Smart Phones selling over 115 Million units in Q3 of 2011.

Mobile marketing agencies are growing at astonishing rates, Mobile marketing jobs are in demand and SMS Marketing is taking hold not to mention Mobile Phone Apps for local business is in my opinion the next big wave for Internet Marketing Consultants.

What is Cross Channel Mojo all about?

Cross Channel Mojo is the FUTURE and THE ANSWER for many Local Internet marketers and Offline Consultants because it addresses 3 Major challenges people have trying to launch their own Internet Marketing Consulting Business.

Firstly Cross Channel Mojo lets you tap into the FASTEST growing MULTI BILLION Dollar marketing channel on the planet and one that virtually ALL Businesses Must adopt or risk losing their shirt to the competition who DO adopt Mobile Marketing…

You will have the biggest challenge solved… GETTING CLIENTS

Cross Channel Mojo has what I believe to be the most POTENT and POWERFUL Client Getting system to date!

I’m talking possibly having the ability to land new clients within a day…

It also gives you a massive advantage to position yourself as THE GO TO GUY/GAL for Local Marketing and make you the MOST VALUABLE asset in their marketing making YOU indispensable.

Being closely involved by Personally Coaching and Training hundreds of students and marketers who joined Main Street Marketing Machines and Social Media Marketing Machines I can tell you Cross Channel Mojo from what I have seen is a MONUMENTAL BREAKTHROUGH!

Huge Profit Center for Experienced Local Internet Marketers too

Cross Channel Mojo isn’t just for beginners or Newbies either, if you’re a successful Offline Marketing Consultant doing other services like Google Places, Video Marketing and SEO etc. then Cross Channel Mojo will add a powerful Cash-flow stream for your business.

Hands Down the Ultimate Business Building Money Making Bonus Anywhere!

Yes I’ll be offering the most VALUABLE BONUS for Cross Channel Mojo that will blow you away…

TOP SECRET Project that literally shaves Months and Months off getting to that elusive SIX FIGURE Consulting Business.

NO ONE anywhere online has this Local Internet Marketing and Consulting system that YOU will get access to as part of our Cross Channel MojoBONUS.

More on this to come!

Register HERE to get on the Priority Early Bird List and get a front row seat!

Watch out for our next update

Andy Kelly

offline consulting coach Andy


Mobile Marketing for Offline Business is no doubt a massive emerging opportunity and an awesome way to land new Clients!Mobile Marketing

There are a number of Mobile Marketing strategies you can focus on however what I want to share today is very simple for Local internet marketing consultants to deliver.

This Mobile Marketing strategy is ideally targeted to Real estate agents who are a great niche market right now since most of them are desperately looking for an edge.

No Rankings No Citations or Reviews to worry about!

I love this Mobile Marketing strategy because you can implement it immediately without worrying about Google Rankings and SEO for example.

The concept is simply offering by way of QR codes (the 2d bar codes) and text message, the ability for a buyer to access instant information on the home listing and see pictures without having to organize an inspection or play phone tag with the agent.

It’s Mobile Marketing the easy way and a fantastic service for both the agents and buyers.

Watch this brief overview of the formula below:

Try this Mobile Marketing strategy and see just how easy it is and how attractive it is to Real Estate agents.

If you want to get the complete formula just head over to Local Internet Marketing University where you will learn this Mobile Marketing formula and tons of the very best Offline Consulting Strategies anywhere.

Make yourself a leader in local internet marketing and stay ahead of what everyone else is doing…





The funny thing is most supposed Internet Marketing Consulting gurus or Offline Marketing guys never talk about this, but if you plan to go beyond 5, 10, 15 or 20 Local Internet Marketing Clients then I internet marketing consultinghave some great news.

The fact is if you’re going to build a genuine Six figure and beyond Internet Marketing Consulting business, then you MUST have these things in place.

One of the Critical Elements that I teach you at Local internet Marketing University is how to set up your Business the right way for maximum growth, Scalability and automation.

Internet Marketing Consulting Services require serious systems in place to take care of Client Management, reporting and marketing activities, once you get past 5 to 10 clients I can tell you it’s a nightmare if you don’t set the foundations up in the early stages.

You fall behind and then can’t deliver to the clients or follow up properly and you look unprofessional and this HURTS your reputation which can follow you for a long long time!

“Local Internet Marketing University Has Changed Everything”

Here is just one BIG reason why Local internet marketing university has transformed how you build a genuine profitable Internet Marketing Consulting business with the most POWERFUL Client Management System and set of Unique Custom built Tools that are designed from the ground up exclusively for Internet Marketing Consultants.

This IS a massive breakthrough for ANY Internet Marketing Consultant or Local Internet Marketer who wants to serious income and profits without the stress and working countless hours per week and to HAVE A LIFE!

Take a look at what YOU could get access to if you get into the Early Bird Local internet marketing university group.

This is a Webinar replay (goes for 30 min) where you see how amazing this client Management system is that ONLY Members of Local internet marketing university can get access to.

When you combine the fact you learn How to Build a complete Internet Marketing Consulting Business from the ground up with the most powerful client management system available, it puts YOU streets ahead of any competition.

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