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January 2012

Here’s a simple yet VERY effective way to get clients with Mobile Optimized marketing

What I love about this Mobile Marketing strategy is how easy it is to get set up for Local Internet Marketers just starting out!

Mobile websites are generally much less complicated than the business main website and the whole idea is to have a clean simple interface that makes it an easy and good experience for the mobile user or customer.

There’s tons of opportunity out there because most local businesses don’t have a Mobile Optimized website and it’s very easy to demonstrate how Crucial it is to have
a Mobile friendly site by simply showing the client how painful navigating the normal site is.

These Local internet Marketing strategies for getting clients are part of my “Foot in the Door” tactics that make it easy for anyone to launch their internet marketing consulting business because these Mobile Websites are super easy to sell.

Like Google Places there are countless opportunities to sell these Local internet Marketing services while the market place is exploding and MOST of the businesses don’t have these essential marketing pieces in place.

If you would like to get the exact blueprint we use to sell hundreds of these services plus countless other Local Internet Marketing tips, tools and resources, then head over to Local Internet Marketing University for the complete Formula and Blueprint.



Google Places has been a real cinch to get high rankings over the past 12 months with simple Google Places Optimization strategies.Google Places optimization

Now more and more Local Internet Marketers are aware of what Google Places Optimization strategies to use for higher rankings, things such as:

  • Using all the images and customizing them with the right keywords.
  • Geo tagging images
  • Adding the 5 videos and a proper listing.
  • Getting Reviews
  • Adding the right citations etc.

Of course these are just the basics and if you want to see the MOST comprehensive Google Places Optimization Blueprint then check out our new Awesome Google Places Campaign builder that is a FIRST for Online Marketers!

The one area you can focus on to overcome the competition are the Citations and making sure you get the Right Citations for your local business niche.

One very effective way you can do this without needing any tools is simply to look at what Google is telling you when you search for your business.

Look at the Citations and directories that show up in the search results and make note of them to go and create Citations for your clients Google Places Listings in those sites because Google is telling you they value those sites highly.

Also be absolutely EXACT with your citations and make sure they are identical to the main listing in every way.

If you would like to learn how to completely dominate the competition in Google Places with the most powerful Google Places optimization blueprint then check out the UNIQUE and totally awesome Local Marketing Campaign Builder that we have developed for our own Local Marketing Agency.

This is the MOST exciting development I have seen in the Google Places space since it began and is part of Local Internet Marketing University!

Google Places Optimization

There is still a massive opportunity with Google Places and one of the very best ways to get new clients and by using these Google Places Optimization strategies you will stay ahead of any competitors.

Look out for my demonstration of this awesome new Local Marketing Campaign Builder in the next day or so!



Local businesses need a Mobile Website NOW and those who ignore this run the risk of losing out to their competitors big time! Mobile Websites

If you own a smart phone and used it to surf the web then you’ll know how much of a pain it is to navigate around a standard website on the smart phone.

Mobile optimized Websites or Mobile Friendly pages make life so much better and the user experience so much nicer for customers.

Huge Opportunity for Local Marketers

At this stage MOST local businesses don’t have a Mobile Optimized website or mobile friendly webpages which means there is a massive opportunity for local internet marketers to capitalize on this lack.

Using Mobile Websites to land local clients is a fantastic strategy because the sites are really simple and easy to customize which means you can offer the service for a relatively low start up fee to make it super easy for the local business to say YES!

Over at Local Internet Marketing University we are seeing great results from students who are using this method that we teach on landing Clients this way.

The Mobile Marketing stats speak for themselves and clearly show local business owners how much traffic and search is now being done on Smart Phones such as the iPhone, HTC and Android phones.

If you’re looking to cash in on the exploding Local Internet Marketing niche then offering Mobile Optimized websites is a fast and easy way to pick up plenty of local business clients.