7 Ways to increase your Local Marketing Website Conversions

increase website conversions

If your Local Marketing website or your Clients isn’t producing a consistent and predictable flow of Leads and Converting them into a healthy percentage of inquiries, all is not lost. There are some some simple Best practices that we can implement to dramatically increase your website conversion. 1. Optimizing Your Landing Pages A landing page…

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5 Local Marketing Statistics Affecting Your Business Right Now!

You might have heard the saying, “All politics is local.” It has been said so frequently that it’s almost become a cliché – but the thing about clichés is that they always contain a kernel of truth. When it comes to promoting and growing a small business, you might say that all marketing is local.…

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How to Launch Your Local Marketing Consulting Business

big ticket consulting

In this article you will learn some great tips on getting Started as a Local Marketing Consultant that will help you avoid the pitfalls and Traps that most local internet marketers fall into when starting out. Why did I choose to offer services to local businesses?  The best way to explain this is to tell…

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11 Ways to Increase Your Home Page Conversions

Are conversions on your home page lagging behind your expectations? There is an art to designing a high-converting home page, and a lot of small businesses simply don’t give the content and appearance of their website enough attention. The good news is that there are some very simple things you can do to increase your…

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Is your business ready for mobile marketing?

The opportunity for Local Business is clear: You and your products must be easily found in your local marketplace by an increasingly mobile customer base. Are you ready to be a first mover in the mobile marketing revolution, or are you poised to be road kill on the information superhighway? The current explosion of Pokemon…

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Yelp Reviews vs. Google Reviews – Which One Is Best?

Google reviews vs Yelp reviews

Out of all of the places online that you can review a business, only two places spring to mind for many consumers: Yelp and Google. Both of them are powerhouses with a long history in the business. Both of them are influential. But which one is the better choice? The winner is the one you’ll…

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