The Client Attraction Formula Part3

In part 3 of our awesome client getting formula I show you how we use the Mobile sites to Bring in the Clients.

Every business is going to HAVE to Have a Mobile optimized website before long to remain relevant.

Businesses are losing customers if they don’t have a mobile site!

One of the BIG factors that makes this so powerful is how obvious it is to the client and how little explanation it takes.

The beauty with mobile sites and pages is how simple they are and don’t need all the fancy graphics and navigation etc.

This makes it easy and cheap to provide a mobile site for a client and use it as a free or low cost “Foot in the door” Strategy to get these guys on-board and as a client who you can now upsell.

Don’t worry about expecting to get big payments first up as long as you focus on landing quality clients like I teach in Local Internet Marketing University.


To your Offline Marketing Success!

-Andy Kelly

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