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Looking to Ramp up Your Business and take it to the NEXT LEVEL!

Like to Stop working with low end Clients and Start landing Big Ticket Clients?

If you are a serious action taker who is ready to create Massive Success in Your life, then this could be THE Solution for YOU!

This is ALL about how to change your Consulting Business or Local Agency from being a Commodity Service Provider working with low end Customers to Targeting, Attracting and Landing Premium big ticket Clients!

Most Local Marketers/Consultants are caught in a Very dangerous Trap selling commodity services within a Consulting environment. What this means is, you are effectively trading $500per hour consulting time for $100 commodity services and the sad part is most don’t even realize this is happening.

IN this game you have TWO choices if you want to grow a Long-Term 7 – 8 Figure business.

1. Low Volume – High Value: You concentrate on a smaller number of Big Ticket Clients (typically $3k-10k per month) and you provide them with your Signature Solution to drive qualified leads and sales. These Clients are typically 100x easier to work with and if you deliver they rarely leave.

2. High Volume – Low Value: You scale like mad with the lower end clients and build a highly efficient team to deliver services for 200+ Clients and beyond with a constant replace and replenish system in place as clients leave (and they will). These clients as you probably know are often the most needy, time consuming PIA customers around but of course you can build a large business doing this ONLY if you have awesome systems in place and the people to manage it, otherwise it’s a dang nightmare!

My two Digital marketing Agencies focus on a different one each; Local Oxygen is a large scale service provider with big teams and awesome management so the lower to medium clients work well because we have hundreds and I don’t have to worry about their every need or the churn rate.

On the other hand Click Smart Marketing is all about high end clients that I work with personally to help them produce big increases in their leads and sales. This is what I LOVE to do and these Clients are far more enjoyable to work with, they are much less demanding, they appreciate you so much more and they are happy to pay very well for your services.

If had only one business to focus on it would be Click Smart without any hesitation and that’s exactly what this is all about.

If this sounds like something that interests you…

I currently have a handful of spots available to work with a few highly motivated Local Marketers who want to skip the slooow, painful and frustrating way to grow your business and learn directly from the co-founder of a thriving 7 Figure Agency.

IF we end up working together, what you will get is my personal help and guidance along with all the sales, marketing and operational frameworks we use in our Agency right now, not things that worked 2 years ago!

You can breathe easy…

There’s NO fancy sales letter or anything like that. I won’t be chasing after you or trying to convince you in any way, it’s either a good fit for you or it’s not!

Here’s how it works…

If you think this might be for you then we have a short 15 min call to see if it could be a good fit, I’ll check what you’re doing now and see how I can help you reach your goals. There’s zero pressure or anything like that, it won’t fuss me at all whatever you choose to do. It’s exactly how I work with big ticket clients and how I’ll teach you. There’s hundreds of them and only one of you!

The worst that can happen is you get some cool ideas to implement in your business for free.. Glad if I can help.


This is NOT for the typical Marketer who jumps from One Shiny Object to the Next.

This is NOT for the typical Marketer who NEVER gets out of learning mode and takes action.

This is NOT for anyone who remotely believes in get rich quick schemes or push button millions.

This is NOT for anyone who believes that Local Marketing takes NO work!


This IS for YOU if you are an Action Taker.

This IS for YOU if you are already doing something.

This IS for YOU if you want to short-cut the trial and error and get the “What’s working Now” blueprint.

This IS for YOU if you are WILLING to follow through and do what it takes to WIN!

This IS for YOU if you are Coachable and Ready to Explode Your Profits!

IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE YOU Then get on my calendar and let’s have a quick chat:

Click here to check if there are any Spots on my Calendar

Good Luck, I wish You Well!

Andy Kelly

Co-Founder @ Local Oxygen
Founder Click Smart Marketing